Table Reservation Management


Grishma Shah, Restaurant Owner

We are stuck between the multiple channels and medium where the customer places their table reservation booking from different booking engines and its hard all of them to one place. Whether it’s on phone call or message from our website, a text and many more.. And trying to record all of them to one place has left us bit confused for our restaurant.


Mismanaged Reservation Management

  • We  were not able to keep record when the reservation flows comes from different mediums ( Phone calls, text on facebook or either a request from our website some walk ins )
  • The issue is that the book are not always humans best friends sometimes it can also create a frenzy atmosphere around, the workers who take reservations sometimes the handwriting are not quite visible enough, some most common mistake that is made is with wrong date and time to be entered when someone immediately calls us and ask us to book the table, a mistake in writing incorrect customer name, and the best of all when someone ask to reschedule the reservation it would be messiest of all the books.
  • Some future booking that can me missed all the time as obviously the book will not play sound to remind there a booking.


An Automated Table Reservation management System.

We started using Vrindi Table reservation management system as per my peers suggestion and have experienced a major in control management of my restaurant by their advanced automated system which is ready to use and hassle and user friendly even my kids can manage the bookings

And cherry on top I don’t have to worry about the mess and the handwriting…


Organized and Time Saving Management System.

  • Now we can manage and run our reservations, online ordering, booking all the restaurant stuff at one place you wont believe how helpful it has been to us in terms of time management and saving.
  •  It’s really convenient, smooth and clear!
  • We can do advance booking
  • We can update the existing booking
  • We can offer various coupons and discounts to our loyal customers
  • We can get our monthly saes report
  • We had increasingly seen a revenue growth of restaurant
  • We do not miss out on any of our future reservations.
  • And so much more services at one place with very simplified technology. Sometimes going automated saves time money and mental peace.


Top Tips by Vrindi RestaurantWave

  • Encourage your customers and client to book table online, by letting them offer that they might be one of the lucky customer to get rewarded.  
  • When you start using, add the link of the table reservation to it and voila even customer can book from facebook., It will directly take customer’s to book table.
  • Don’t forget your restaurant’s website!, If you already consist a website Do not leave any chance from any direction to let your customer go. Include the book now option to your website too.
  • Grishma shahs experience sounds familiar? Handle all the efficiently by RestaurantWave Table Reservation system for your restaurant.

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