Reasons why you should start considering your restaurant REVIEWS very seriously…!

If you are running your business then it should be on at most priority of a business owner to keep customers reviews on their  list to keep track of their business as how exactly they are serving the customers and are the customer satisfied with your service.

It is not just the matter of just come and go and your work is over for a restaurateur

No! you need to work upon harder if you customer has visited you than that diner should have impact of your restaurant. They should consider your restaurant to visit again. And to do so listen to their reviews and comments take it very seriously and work upon them. Heres some tips how you can make sure and let your customers know that you listen to them.

1. A great way to check upon what exactly your customers seek from you

Which means that if you are confused for where exactly you should invest to market your business then you should consider taking your customer’s opionion and mark their revies as suggestion to improve the brand loyalty

Customer’s land their reviews and comments on two purposes

1.Either they have experience a better service at another place which they expect the same from  your restaurant.

2.Either they are a foodie that visited your restaurant  and have a genuine opinion of their dining experience.

2. Ask customer’s to share their experience!

Do not be ashame to ask your customer’s about their dining expeirance, it is the best practice you can adopt for betterment of the restaurant. If you can have a one to one experience to your customer and they leave a feedback for you then you would know where exactly you stand in the market.

3. Online reviews

So once you have succeeded to manage yourself confortable for the one to one interaction with customer’s at your restaurant then slowly jump to online reviews and have a tablet feedback system. You will experience  a better way to control over negative reviews that are published online , by taking care of their online and offline reviews and taking the feedback seriously, you will see a dramatic decrease in the negative reviews if taken care well.

4. Loyalty Program 

A review from customer is an excellent way to know that how your customers feels about your restaurant. Even if the customer is knew or an existing loyal customer, treat each and every customer and reward them for their loyalty to visit your restaurant for once. Give rewards to your customer for their spending, some rewards loyalty program, gifts or special treats.

PS : Everyone loves gift right!

5. A restaurant POS and menu management

A Restaurant POS( Point of sale system )  software comes very handy to keep track about customers behavior and also what exactly is the situation of your restaurant  inventory management. Which cuisine has been sold more and what are the choices of customer. These system comes in a very handy ad also a hassle free loyalty managent tool for your restaurant

6. Manage negative reviews with pro!

Do not get hyper or demotivated if the customer posts or tells you the negative review for your restaurant. It’s the customer’s way of telling you to improve for them, remember customer is everything, if there is an negative review online do not forget to  respond the customer back asking for the customer to visit again and offer a better service to change their impression of your restaurant. Keep interacting with positive and negative reviews.

In such case you would  build a good customer loyalty and also the best way to keep your customer to you.

7. A road to know where your restaurant stand in market

Yes! your customers are the only one from where you would know where exactly your restaurant stands amids your fellow competitor. Keeping a good interaction with your customer they would at one share what good they found at other restaurant and in that way you would know that what diners love to have and what do they prefer to have in the restaurant to visit their again.

8. Train your restaurant staff

You need to have a well-trained staff, as they are the one who is most interactive with your customers its not only you who is riding the boat its also your staff that needs to take care of the customer. If they treat your customer well then on that basis the customer can also leave feedback too. Customers sometimes also leave good feedback if they are treated well, some customers leave feedback if the food is good, but all have them have some opinion about their experience. So need to be alert all the time.


If you want to reduce spending and wasting $$$ of dollars, start focusing on customer acquisition rather than spending on marketing and other stuff.  

Take a while to urge to understand your ideal customer and their expectations. From there, you’ll build a loyal marketing strategy that gets noticed and converts, and bring new customers.

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