Must Haves for Restaurant Food Ordering Application

The Outbreak of the Covid-19 has taught us to keep a much needed social distancing from people and have safe and contactless options in all sectors. One of the sectors includes restaurant business which majorly has options of customer engagements. Therefore, a much needed contactless solution for and a ready to use delivery app is needed in current running situation.

So, if you are a restaurant owner and have not yet build a food delivery app then you are missing out some mojor gold that you can earn during this period.

So now that you have decided to build an Mobile for your restaurant business, Do not miss out this features to and there is no option to miss out anyone.

Board Your Customers with One Tap Verification

Your customer when enters to your application they should not be able to get bored with lengthy process to login/use app to just order for their food.

A one tap OTP Verification should be included or login with simplest login procedure Do not bore hungry diners..

GPS Store Selection for easy access to find the restaurant address

Distance and time play a very important role, include a GPS integration on your app so that customer can find your restaurant easily or may be to know their online ordered food status. As how much time will be required to deliver their food or at what time the food will be available your business hours address should be handy for the customers.

New Age Menu

A menu that includes images of the food item always attracts customer and tempt them to buy the item.

It’s True! Keep your menus updated with all pricing equal with restaurant menu and online pricing keep more categories give more options to customer so that they can customize their menu and have their own choice of food item.

Keep in mind customer loves visually attractive items plus giving their choice to personalize their food can build a good relationship with customer.

Display screen.

when user enters the application the visualization of the homepage should be very effective and on point to you brand name and should reflect your specialty or the current promotions /offer or discounts. Make sure to make it valuably beautiful and attractive. Your discounts and restaurants services should not be in such a way that its not visible. Make sure all your provided services are visibly clear enough For E.g Gift certificate, catering services, coupons 

Simplify the ordering process

When a diner is ready and selected its item, the system should ask a very few steps to complete its order, such as some options which include pickup or delivery or curbside pickup.

During its payment it should simplify it by asking by credit card or cash or paypal or any other but make sure you integrate a correct payment method for your application if you opt for credit card option for customer.

Rewards Points

 Yes! Customer loves reward points they would love if someone would take care of their spending, keep the option of rewards whenever customer places the order.

And also to save the time of the customer you can give customer option to reorder just a one direct way to enter and order saved favorites.

Customer Feedback, Rating & Reviews

Interact with customers online; give the customer an option to give feedback upon your service and cuisine

A Team having highly talented and experienced people, Vrindi gives an effortless user experience designed interface for your customers. We provide a functions -rich mobile app for your restaurant/brand with an unmatched digital presence in a mobile-first world.

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