Give Your Menu a Much Needed Makeover!

So, do you own a restaurant? Have you ever tried to look at your menu? Does it make a statement that supports your restaurant brand identity? Are you satisfied with the menu if for example handed over to you as a customer? Now take a pen and paper and list down all the things that you as a customer would like to be served and love to see printed on the menu given to you.

Keep in mind your menu is the only thing that each of your guest is going to have a look at it closely, yet it  is not given as much importance as is needed? We’ll help you fix it.

  • Be prepared for Seasons and act accordingly.

Just like we plan our wardrobe according to seasons your menu deserves also deserves a new wardrobe. Which means think practically and ahead of the time, think about the upcoming seasons

For E.g. if summer season is around first think about the ingredients that are going to be most available during the summer seasons then think about the dish you can make with them.

Easy right: Think new, present new item and keep refreshing your menu seasonal wise and updated.

Note: Keep in mind what you are most popular for! do not confuse customers,  play around with the flavors and seasons not the entire cuisine or menu.

  • Upgrade to Digital, Invest in POS

Point of sales system! Ever heard about that even if not do a research OR CALL US +1(877)987-4634 Just making it simpler for you😊, this one device can help you in all magical way, want to know how, the answer is you will have your reports at the end of the month. But for that you need to know each and every pricing of the menu and you cannot miss on that.

Talking about the reports you would know which item of the menu is most ordered or which is least orders and which menu item stays in the menu and menu which needs to be removed plus you can get to manage your inventory and monthly revenue.

So this is some definite basics right! Then why haven’t opted for it yet, give it a try.

  • Add a Stars or symbol

There are few of the items in the menu that you might be knowing as highly ordered food then you must definitely include a special EMOJI or a Special DESIGN along with the menu item that somehow grabs attention to the customer reading “ Most Rated” or “ Special” or “ Most Popular “ or “ House Special “

Makes Difference.

  • Smart turtle

The Items which are profitable but have an exceptionally low price. You need to revise your menu identify the menu item which are doing good but have a lower price. So that price needs to be identified and updated to add some more value to the dish and create a extra profit.

  • Not just the menu also go have one look towards kitchen

This Goes in very simple way if you have 20 items in your menu and 10 of them are made in the grill [of 26 inches wide}. That would cause some serious increase in your wait line right or the preparation time may increase

Relax and grab you menu look onto each item identify how it’s made and how many work station would the chef required to create each an every single item. Now create or modify your menu in such way that each item deserves to be prepared in a particular process and needs some space.

  • Eliminate unwanted, Stay classy!
  • Do not clutter your menu with all the items keep it simple more clearer and under stable.
  • don’t give full paradox of choice. Minimalist sizes included and required choices .giving multiple options tends to confusion and eventually letting customer bored. Simple small and quick choices which is best for your restaurant.

Show your menu some respect – It is your silent rider to increase your restaurant sales

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