Boost your restaurant’s revenue using coupons!

How can you convince new customers to place order online? Past customers to come back? Stimulate a higher frequency of online orders? And most of all, combat website visitor drop-off?

The answer is Online coupons..!!!

Advantages of Digital Coupons:

  1. Most Effective way to attract Customers
  2. Customers spend more using online coupons
  3. Easy and Inexpensive
  4. Increase traffic to your website
  5. Enhance your brand

RestaurantWave offers Different types of coupons:

Printable Coupon

Printable coupons can either be a store or manufacturer coupon. It’s much easier to organize these coupons because you can choose to print the only ones that you’ll need and use. Search for specific coupons you may need, then download and print it out.

Online Orderable Coupon

These coupons come from the store itself and can be availed through a store’s website, smartphone app, and sales flyers.

Add highly-visible coupons to your website..!

Coupons have a built-in visual appeal and an innate call to action. A coupon with a limited time offer adds a sense of urgency in a customer’s mind. They immediately start thinking more seriously about how much they want your product for two reasons:

  1. If they are going to buy it, they want to get it for the best possible price – this works especially well when you sell a product that is widely available.  
  2. It might not be there if they come back later- it might be sold out.

Coupon offers can be the difference between a customer browsing your site and a customer making an immediate purchase.

Set goals with your coupons. Do you want to entice first time buyers? Do you want to increase purchase volume? Are you hoping to drive traffic into stores?

When appealing to new customers, an open return policy is a way to alleviate customers concerns about making a purchase. This is especially strong online as many customers have concerns about items turning out the same way they appear online and as they are advertised. It suggests that your company is credible and believes in the quality of their products.

Place your coupons where your customer’s eyes will find them right away.

Adding coupons to your website is a great way to drive sales. Promoting these coupons by correct placement on your website. The best part about coupons is that they are visual and therefore highly shareable on all of your company’s social media accounts. If you want to encourage online orders, start displaying coupons on your website!

Take Your Coupon Marketing Strategy to Next Level

Keep in mind, coupon marketing strategies work best because customers won’t see the worth in your product

Take a while to urge to understand your ideal customer and their expectations. From there, you’ll build a coupon marketing strategy that gets noticed and converts more customers.

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