What is a Smart Move? Having Your own Website or Third party Online ordering

Delivery for your restaurant is as important as having a hygienic food for your restaurant.

Everyone loves profit !!

Let’s take a current example that a customer sets for each day unknowingly by meeting their needs and getting food online using the third party.  Biggest players in the third-party food delivery space are Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, Seamless and many more these are the biggest reason which causes to have a brand name of the third party rather than boosting your own brand name and gaining all your profits without any commission with customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Looking at the survey of the toast reports which is assured as 51 percent of the guest have ordered their food from the restaurant’s own website, which means it is equally important to have your own website. 

If you are getting confused about the results of one such opportunity to miss out for the restaurant by just getting afraid for the cost of hiring a delivery boy. Then here are some benchmark’s that the restaurant chain has made by having only their own website and not getting signed up for the third party.

  • Tesco
  • Pizza delivery
  • Dominos

Let’s make a debate for if  having a third party Delivery is beneficiary:

To Have Personal Website

  • Control over delivery service: A customer’s experience is at very high steaks only when also with the delicious food they too face a smooth delivery experience. Its also a critical point where this matters a lot, which in the future will depend on whether the customer wants to order food from your restaurant again. 
  • The freedom to deliver food you desire: Some of the third party do not allow the reaturants to pull out the food which is outside their service, but having an in house website that is your choice and the customer demand that won’t be neglected and be purely fulfilled without having any barrier between the restaurant and the customer which develops their relationship even stronger.
  • Relation build-up: The most important factor for any business goes to have a customer engagement. There is a high possibility to have a boost in your profit if the relations between the customer and the restaurant have been improved it has greater opportunity to solve any queries or issues that the customer has faced during the period of their delivery experience. This will immediately help the restaurant owner save more time investing behind the customers rather than dealing with the lenghtly customer service process of the third party.
  • Customer’s Data: If you have your own website, you would have all the access to customers data, in fact, this would be useful to build the future relations using this data and increase your brand loyalty, having the customer’s data can be most helpful to strategize the future marketing goals. 

To have 3rd  Party Service

  • Service hour interruption: Too loose customer’s loyalty over the service given by the third party delivery staff and their constants interruption in the normal functioning of the restaurant’s peak hours.
  • Loss of control over customer experience: Several restaurants have complained of untrained delivery staff hired by third-party delivery services. There have been several reported incidents of delivery drivers disrupting the normal functioning of the restaurants during pick-ups, or sour behavior with the customers.
  • Decreasing revenues: Many restaurants have claimed that they Surely  have increased the profits by their services but there is no increase in the revenue they also tend to increase the revenue, which affects the profits
  • Restaurant is on competition: what restaurant owners don’t know is that they are indirectly in the race of the restaurant in the third party ordering as there is multiple choice for the customer to choose from rather than just your restaurant these can also have a huge loss despite paying the hefty commission the customer can also tend to divert to other options.
  • This is why having own website can have multiple benefits along with loyal customers.   

So What Do You Pick?

Vrindi Restaurant wave was created to help restaurants take back control and make a smooth transition into a digital world. We pride ourselves in helping restaurants to be the beneficiaries of this digital shift so they can retain their customers as well as profits through direct sales channels.

With Vrindi Online Ordering System, customers get all the benefits of ordering online – accuracy, multiple payment options, customized menu, fast delivery and ease of access. On the other hand, restaurants with its own online ordering can enjoy the benefits such as the ability to offer customized solutions, real-time engagement with customers, access to data and analytics, and of course, elimination of commission fees to the third party service.

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