5 Things Diners Want in Their Restaurant

Elegance and Elite are the key elements that can display your restaurant’s full biography in one sight. According to some restaurant owners and hoteliers they think to have an excellent food and ambiance that’s all that matters, but that’s not just all, in search of better profit and growing the brand name, they often tend to forget the basic requirements of the hungry diner that they often tend to seek in their favorite restaurants. It might be a tricky business to figure what diner needs, but here you may find an interesting trick that may help to fulfill their desires…

An estimate preparation time and binge-watching while their food is being prepared. ~ A progressive restaurant, bar or café customer wants their food early as possible especially on the busy nights customers are more furious about how the restaurant is taking care of his food to get to them at earliest. Diners are furious to know what is the status of their food is and when it will be served to them.  

Restaurants menu  ~ The more the restaurant customizes the menu more the Guests love their food. Each individual has their own taste and flavors, so they would search for the easiest way to get information about the food items they’re ordering. Perks they will always look for in the restaurant will be
          – flavor profiles
           – nutrition information
           – calories counts
           – gluten-free, vegan or dairy-free and many more options…

A “call” button to their servers ~  In busy nights or crowded restaurants, The most important thing for a restaurant is to give attention to each of their customers and their demands, Most of the time it is difficult to get the attention of your server while dining. Diners would love if their restaurant has an ability to “call” their servers with the help of a button, as similar as they would get service in an airplane.
Splitting of the bill ~ Most of the time on a daily basis when there is one large group of people asking to split their bill and restaurants don’t make it very easy to do so. Diners want an easier way to split the bill when everyone wants to pay with cash or a different card.
Identify “Regular Customers” and their favorite dishes ~  Diners would love if the favorite restaurants could “know or Identify them” as regulars and recognize their top ordered dishes. special treatment got by the restaurant is loved by Diners. Diners go back to their favorite restaurant and order the same thing every time they wish to be recognized by their restaurant too.

Having covered quite a few ideas above, I still think it’s necessary to point out that planning your restaurant marketing activities should only come second place after you’ve got your basics sorted in the first place.

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