Don’t risk your Restaurant business website with amateurs!

A successful business needs to hire the right employees, temps or vendor. Among the vendors, hiring online marketing should be prioritized higher. Among so many options to choose from, an important consideration ought to be one with experience and skill. The last thing you want is, to have the vendor experiment with your business with you wishing that things will magically fall into place.

When it comes to marketing, picking up the right vendor for your website, is most important. Incidentally, there is a lot of noise for the website marketing services for small to medium businesses. This makes an ideal ground for amateurs to play with real business without realizing that people’s livelihood depends upon it. Nowadays, the barrier to enter and become a website developer is low, but that is actually a myth. Anyone and everyone with limited knowledge, of how to put together an HTML page with the bunch of pictures and bit of animation, call themselves a service provider.

Even a nice looking website, created by a non-technical person, can be fundamentally flawed i.e., lacking Search Engine findability, best HTML Standards for mobile devices and multiple browser compatibility. The restaurant is a tough business, and the operators have their hands full, and the last thing they have time to spend on is, learning the ability to differentiate between “well done, well optimized, sales generating” and “poorly done, barely performing, the non-findable website”.

Getting your website developed with an amateur or less experienced developer may result into-poorly designed and hard to navigate sites on different browsers and mobile platform. Making a website to work optimally on different browsers e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and various mobile devices e.g., iPhone, Android Phone and others, requires vendor who understands technology and your need. The broken websites do injustice to brand, and may not truly service your existing customers, leave aside getting you new customers.

Sometimes simple yet critical aspects, such as renewal of domain, email or hosting plan, if not done in a timely manner, can lead to bigger issues. You are doing a disfavor to your business by letting an amateur does your website work. The small perceived savings with Amateurs would be truly a loss for the business when all the pros and cons are reviewed.

Choose a vendor who is specialized (expert) in restaurant business vertical. One who can understand your business needs better. And finally, it may turn out to be cheaper and faster than non-specialized service providers. The vendor must understand the difference between express, self-service, full-service, and multiple-location business. Sometimes website contents need to be in multiple languages. Lastly, once a visitor is on the website, monetized it by offering a call to action for i.e., Order Food Online, Gift Certificate, Reservation or Catering inquiry and other services features.

Your website is your business card, your resume, your company’s reputation. Make sure you put it in professional hands.

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